• > Proven and flexible inspection and traceability solutions for security documents:

    banknotes, ID, e-passeports…

    Lineavision® reliably allows to automatically inspect the quality during production and to continuously check for conformity at the paper making level and during insertion of various security features for paper securisation (OVD stamping, iridescent and OVI printing). According to the defect gravity, control of the rejection ratio is flexible. Lineavision® combines quality and productivity.


    > Security printings inspection

    Lineavision® for security printings application allows to control either the printed sheets at any production steps, or the final banknotes for the batch validation.

    The inspection solution installed at Offset, Intaglio, OVI/ OVMI, and Numbering printings steps, guarantees the perfect quality and maintain the yield at the highest level.

    The final banknotes for the batch validation consists in higher resolution printing inspection, dimensional control and all other security features applied during the paper manufacturing.



    > Flexible printed Electronics high-resolution and traceability solutions

    IN-CORE Systèmes provides unique solutions for flexible printed circuits, based on its expertise in image acquisition. These applications require a very high resolution inspection to avoid short circuits and others failures.




    > High resolution inspection solution to control, measure and monitor all process parameters at each production step enhancing knowledge of critical process parameters

    As a global supplier of optical inspection solutions for OPV R2R or S2S manufacturing, we participate in the progress of finding solutions for particular issues. The economical and technical challenges of the OPV manufacturing process require producers to control, measure and monitor all process parameters at each production step.

    Lineavision® inspection solution is optimally suite for minimizing the number of defects on circuits in order to improve life time and efficiency.




    Lineavision® characterisation platform, based on high-resolution image analysis, enables non-contact inspection and measurements on printed electronics surfaces.

    Using advanced characterisation capability, the platform analyzes single and multilayer structures for defining and assessing quality, and various manufacturing process steps.



    > Global defect management on high-performance composite materials:

    Carbon, Glass, Kevlar, Aramid, in UD or fabric structures

    Lineavision® for Aerospace applications is used to fulfill the quality standards of major aerospace manufacturers for defects which must be detected for security and safety reasons, traced and removed. Composites materials, and especially carbon surfaces, must be fully compliant with quality requirements in order to ensure that final products, such as the structural part of planes, reinforcements for aerospace, etc..., match a zero defect policy.




    > Global defect management for woven technical textile

    Lineavision® for woven technical textile inspection enables to have a close look at the technical textile surface manufacturing should it be plain or converted. Accurate quality management and process monitoring are performed in a continuous way and enable to catch all surface flaws, monitor textile structure distortions and check surface flatness and homogeneity as well as width regularity.




    > High resolution inspection solutions for Lithium-ion, Lithium-polymer batteries:

    Electrodes (anode, cathode) & Separator

    Lineavision® for battery applications provides flexible inspection and measurement solutions: safety, efficiency and life time of the products are the biggest challenges.
    The inspection solutions guarantee the perfect quality of electrodes and separators, essential to ensure high capacity storage, fast recharging and long life cycle.


    Inspection solutions In-core Systèmes for Lithium-ion, Lithium-polymer batteries : Anode, Cathode and Separator quality monitoring   




In-Line industrial vision inspection solution for global defect management during the manufacturing process.

Thanks to its modular concept, Lineavision®’s in-line inspection and measuring solutions can be easily customized to individual requirements.

Lineavision® sensor’s unit can be seen as full width “surface scanner”, easy to install on large or narrow webs on existing production lines at appropriate inspection locations. Sensors come as compact, rugged, resistant cabinets, combined with embedded or remote processing unit to perform very high resolution or/and very high-speed inspections adapted to various processes web widths.

Lineavision® in-line solution is optimally suited for:

  • Plain surface analysis
  • Printed patterns regularity and conformity check
  • High accuracy measurements of surface characteristics
  • Defects analysis and identification
  • Global data management
  • Post process software tools: statistics, defect management, summary sheets, reports per date, batches, rolls, references, etc…

Automated surface inspection and calibrated measurements are essential to minimize process variation influence and help the production to be repeatable, repeatable and repeatable...
Great gains in productivity are achieved, yield optimization is guaranteed and waste minimized.